Search for what you want, in private. We will never track you.

Do you know who is watching what you do online?

Major search engines track what you search for, the type of devices you use, when you search, where you are searching from, the links you click, the ads you look at, the videos you watch and the images you view.

Are you OK with that?

This tracking is used to attack you from every angle.

The data stored on you and your personality is then used to serve up ads that will attack you from all directions.

How long can you fight off their tentacles?

Call us crazy, but we think you deserve some privacy.

Search for whatever you want, wherever you want and look at what you please. When you use Trustnav, you can search in confidence. We will never track you.

Search for what you want, with confidence.

We don't save your search history. We don't track what you view online. We don't even know who you are.

Your business, is none of our business.

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Rather than being manipulated into purchases and stalked by ads online, make your time online enjoyable again.