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Tired of waiting for slow websites to load?




Pop up's?

Distraction-free internet browsing, without annoying ads following your every move.

Sick of seeing ads on every website you visit? You’re not alone. Trustnav’s Adblocker puts an end to this problem for you, making the internet a better place to be.

Advanced ad detection

Our technical team are experts in detecting new types of ads. When we find them, your AdBlocker is updated.

Popup blocker

Say goodbye to annoying popups. With Adblocker by Trustnav Security they're out of your life for good.


Not only are we obsessed with security and privacy, we care about speed. AdBlocker won't slow down your devices at all.

Video ad blocker

Just watch a video in peace? We hear you! Our video ad blocking feature lets you do exactly that.

The same internet, only better

Your old internet won’t go away - it will still be there. The only thing that will change is how it looks and works.

Not only will you no longer see any ads, the ads won’t be able to see you. Their days of seeing which websites you visit are over.

Combined with SafeSearch by Trustnav Security, ad networks and search engines will no longer be tracking your movements online, meaning increased privacy for you and your family.

What our users have to say

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We can tell you about the product we’re very proud of all day long, but there’s a chance we might be biased.

Instead, check out what some of our very happy users have to say about the Trustnav Security Suite.

Robert Bowen

“Works like a charm. And I appreciate the option to allow a few ads for those sites that depend on them.”

Wilson Morales

“An AdBlocker that works and is adjustable to meet individual web site needs. 5 Star app.”

Sandy Glover

“Powerful and useful extension. Protect me from annoying ads better than others."

Oscar Huff

“Awesome extension. Takes out most the annoying garbage!!”

Erica Leonard

“Amazing! All the news articles that blast you with ten tons of junk, now just simply show the article!”
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