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Search engines know more about you than your family does.

Even with nothing to hide, isn’t that uncomfortable? Trustnav SafeSearch helps you to search without fearing being tracked or being sent to untrustworthy websites.

The best search results

SafeSearch by Trustnav Security shows you all of the search results you're used to seeing - minus the unsafe websites.

Verified websites

SafeSearch by Trustnav Security will show you if a website is safe, or unsafe to view.

No tracking

Unlike other search engines, SafeSearch by Trustnav Security has no history. What you search for is none of our business.

No more ads stalking you

With protection from SafeSearch and AdBlocker by Trustnav Security, ads will no longer be able to follow you around the internet.

Search for anything you want, with confidence

Stop being scared to search for what you’re really looking for.

With SafeSearch by Trustnav Security, you can be confident that no-one is tracking your searches or sharing your personal information.

Major search engines will track your every move and sell that information to their partners at any profitable opportunity.

We on the other hand, won’t track your searches at all.

What our users have to say

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We can tell you about the product we’re very proud of all day long, but there’s a chance we might be biased.

Instead, check out what some of our very happy users have to say about the Trustnav Security Suite.

Janie Harper

“Great extension. Makes my online experience much, much nicer. Thanks for keeping the pests away.”

Terence Caldwell

“This plugin is amazing. I don't know how I ever lived without it.”

Chelsea Bowen

“Almost can't believe this extension is free!!"

Nathan Reese

“Have only been using it for a few days but LOVE it and so thankful for the co-worker that brought it to my attention!!! Great job!”

Shari Morton

“So far, so good. Really helpful. No more distracting clutter.”
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